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The Fountain Journal

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When the Pagets founded the Fountain Centre in Warminster, one of their first aims was to publish a UFO journal. With the patronage of author Arthur Shuttlewood, the Fountain Centre soon published the first edition of The Fountain Journal. The editors were Peter and Jane Paget, but for the first three editions, editorial assistance was provided by Margaret Tedder-Shepherd – who was Jane's mother – and Arthur Shuttlewood.

The Fountain Journal was, by today’s standards, a quite primitive affair. The calligraphy of the title page was possibly designed by and executed by Shuttlewood himself. Illustrations were often photographs that had been cut out of books or other magazines and glued into place. Each page was typewritten, at first on a primitive manual typewriter. Somewhere around edition nine, Paget managed to obtain a more up-to-date electric typewriter.

The first three issues of the Journal contained much more information on the local UFO scene than later issues. This was, in part, because of Shuttlewood's input. However, Shuttlewood had, we believe, a major disagreement with the Pagets that, allied to a protracted period of ill-health, led to Shuttlewood discontinuing his involvement. At around the same time, the Pagets had another disagreement, this time with Mrs. Tedder-Shepherd who was a co-owner of the house in which the Fountain Centre was based. She wanted to pull out of the venture. Unless the Pagets could find extra money, the Fountain Centre—at least at Star House—would have to close. Peter Paget appealed to the members of the Fountain Centre for money. One of the ways in which this was done was to offer various extended subscriptions to the Journal, one of which was a £100 life subscription. Unsurprisingly, nobody took up the offer. Continued >>

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