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Welcome to the UFO-Warminster website.

This web site is intended to be the definitive site for information about the phenomenon that haunted the skies above the small, quiet, rural town of Warminster, in Wiltshire, during the 1960s and 1970s. Its aim it to be encyclopedic rather than analytical, although analytical -- and perhaps whimsical -- articles will be posted as and when.

We have provided scanned images of Ken Rogers’ Warminster UFO Newsletter, Peter Paget’s The Fountain Journal all issues of the newsletter produced by the UFO-Info organisation.

We have also provided a variety of other information about the Warminster mystery.

We can never be sure what caused the events around the town — they might have been the result of UFOs, natural phenomena, the army, mass hysteria, or whatever you personally believe. However, of this we can be sure — for many years the the town was the focal point for something interesting.

This site is edited and hosted by Steve Dewey and Kevin Goodman.

Steve Dewey is the co-author, with John Ries, of In Alien Heat (Anomalist Books, 2006). This book is a historical and cultural appraisal of the Warminster phenomenon. Steve is sceptical about UFOs and other related phenomena.

Kevin Goodman is the author, with Steve Dewey of UFO Warminster: Cradle of Contact. This book chronicles the events Kevin and his friends experienced in the town during the mid-1970s. Kevin has a more open mind on the Warminster mystery.

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