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UFO Warminster - Cradle of Contact

Cover to UFO Warminster: Cradle of Contact

By Kevin Goodman and Steve Dewey

Published by CFZ Publishing, 2012

Kevin Goodman's book describes what happened to him and his group of friends after they first visited Warminster in the mid-1970s.

They began visiting Warminster to research the UFO sightings that had been occuring there for over a decade. Soon, to their suprise, they were to find themselves at the centre of the very phenomena they were researching.

This is their story.

So popular has this book been, we are now at the third edition.


flows along easily with a familiar flavour of the times, lining the journey with enough nostalgic diversions ... to bring a ... smile to the face ... An honestly written book that has successfully ... captured the feeling and the essence of those halcyon days

Robert Rosamond, BUFORA Chair, 'News & Reviews', BUFORA web site

The prose is often touching ... The human rites of passage recorded ... are sometimes funny, often moving, and always sincere ... A touching, landmark account of the alien within us all. 9/10

Jay Rath, Fortean Times

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