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Time Line

This page lists important events relevant to the Warminster phenomena.

Note: this is a work in progress and will take some time to complete.

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The Beginnings

Date   Time Witness/Location What happened
25/12/1964 witness_icon time u/k Soldiers at
Knook Camp,
"It was as if a huge chimney stack from the main block was ripped from the rooftop, then scattered in solid chunks of masonry across the whole camp area."
witness_icon 1.25am Mildred Head,
"Our ceiling came alive with strange sounds that lashed our roof... as if twigs were brushing the tiles... ended up with a noise [like] giant hailstones."
6.12am Marjorie Bye,
Christ Church,
"The sonic deluge broke with full fury on an ordinary housewife.... Weirdly crackling noises... menacing sound... Sudden vibrations... Shockwaves of violent force..."
witness_icon c. 6am Roger Rump,
South Warminster
"Pounding on the roof of his home...a terrific clatter... scrambling sound..."
??/02/1965 important_icon
time u/k David Holton
(and others)
nr Warminster
"A flock of pigeons was killed in flight when tangling with the Thing. They brushed into fatal contact with paralyzing sound beams in woods in Crockerton, near Warminster... Stiff-winged, they plummeted earthward... The Thing in its most stunning guise was directly responsible... a number of people testified to a high-pitched droning..."
17/03/1965 witness_icon time u/k Joan Brown,
"...witness to the quivering of their roof under an onrush of noise... Their pet... cat... was sick in various rooms of the house that night after soundwaves dwindled."
25/03/1965 witness_icon time u/k
"early morning"
Ted and Gwen Davies
"the flapping of myriad birds' wings, rustling over the rooftop, crackling round the chimney. Then came the grinding, metallic undertone of the thing in closer contact.
    'Our rafters shook and our windows rattled.... We thought all the birds in these parts were migrating.'"
28/03/1965   11pm Eric Payne,
nr. Bishopstrow
"Heard a whistling noise that developed into a loud buzzing... It flattened treetops on either side of me... making a tremendous racket overhead. It sent shivers up my spine... "
??/05/1965 witness_icon time u/k Mrs Haines,
"Then her own rooftop was besieged by the furious frolics of the Thing. Mrs Haines sat up in bed, face ashen, heart pounding swiftly until the deluge of the soundwaves swished to silence."
19/05/1965 important_icon
time u/k Hilda Hebdidge,
"... on three separate occasions during that week she saw unusual objects in the sky. She first related these to Barry Woodgate of the Fleet Street UFO Group... The objects were cigar-shaped and 'covered with bright lights which winked and blinked... They were various shades of gold and yellow..."

Note: Two of the objects appeared to be over Longleat, the other over Heytesbury.
03/06/1965 important_icon
8.30pm Patricia Phillips and family,
"The cigar-shaped glow... hung, a brilliant spectacle in the sky for a good twenty five minutes or more; she thought it did not change position at all. There was a distinct dark circular patch or aperture at the base of the fiery object, which threw off a halo of red-orange light. The craft was horizontal, not vertical, she insisted."
  witness_icon   Harold and Dora Horlock,
"Mrs. Horlock... saw 'Twin red-hot pokers hanging downwards, one on top of the other, with a black space in between.' At the angle of vision of the couple, this was obviously the same object [as seen by Mrs Phillips]. Or were there two? One closely positioned behind the first?
  witness_icon   Seventeen people at Shearwater
(south of Warminster)
"Seventeen people were either fishing or bathing [at] Shearwater... Crockerton. All witnessed the cigar-bodied extravaganza. 'It was obviously huge but high up,' said ... Colin Hampton, so surprised he fell into the lake. Some thought it to be orange-mauve...others... orange-red. Apart from these slight colour variations... the main descriptions agreed with [Mrs Phillips]."
12/06/1965 witness_icon   News of the World article.

An article about the UFO seen on 9/06/65 is published in the News of the World. The article was written by Shuttlewood.
19/06/1965 witness_icon 8.35pm Kathleen Penton,
"Fantastic spectacle... shining Thing going sideways... Porthole type windows... To my eyes it was the size of... a bedroom wall... Windows were lit up..."
25/06/1965 important_icon
    Letter to Warminster Journal

Gordon Creighton writes a letter to the Warminster Journal.

"It is evident that a good deal of nonsense is being talked by some of your correspondents – and the only person who is on the right track with his thinking about the matter is David Holton."
07/07/1965 witness_icon 3.15am Dora Horlock,
"... a large red ball in the south which rose into the sky and hung down, opening up once more into a flaming pojer. It had a black base at its rim... [It] was the size of our front room to my eyes – it was so close... A sizzling or crackling sound, not unlike eggs and bacon frying in a pan, could be heard..."
10/08/1965 witness_icon 3.45am Rachel Atwill,
"[T]he attractive wife of a Royal Air Force pilot ... [was]... 'woken by a terrible droning sound. It made the bed and floor shake. I went over to the bedroom window and looked out... about 200 yards above the range of hills... was a bright object like a massive star... domed on top and huge in size, and unwinking light of uncanny brilliance."
4.36am Terry Pell,
Mr Pell was driving his lorry from Spalding to his destination in Warminster. With him in the cab were his wife and daughter, who were asleep. He was just passing Colloway Clump. Without any warning a ball of crimson light flew from the hillside on his left (that is, from somewhere around Colloway Clump). The light hovered fifty yards in front of him and then sped head-on towards his lorry: 'Its speed and change of direction were almost unbelievable.' Mr Pell braked sharply to avoid the UFO, but the UFO itself stopped just in front of the lorry and then proceeded to move backwards at the same speed as the lorry, which was still doing 30 mph. Shuttlewood writes "superb control must have been exercised over its motivation mechanism in those few seconds before the fruit-carrier ground to a halt". Mr Pell's lorry ended up by the wire fencing on the offside of the road. His last sight of the UFO was over the Clump where it hovered for a few seconds before vanishing.
29/08/1965 important_icon
time u/k
Gordon Faulkner,
"He shut the door behind him and was suddenly aware of the Thing. 'As it flew fast and low over the south of the town I could just make out the unususal shape. It made no noise. Hurriedly, I got my camera free and pointed it at the craft, but the line of flight was too fast to follow. So I held the camera well in front of it and pressed the trigger as it entered the view-finder. I did not dream I would get anything on film at all and I was amazied when I saw what came out." Faulkner sent the picture to the editor of the Warminster Journal.
10/09/1965 important_icon
    Warminster Journal and Daily Mirror

Both papers print the Faulkner photo and accompanying story. The article in the Daily Mirror is more detailed, and both the article and photgraph are given a double page spread.
06/11/1965 witness_icon 9.57 Hilda Hebdidge,
"She saw a similar object [to that she saw in May–see above] over Cop Heap...'The Thing sparkling behind the boughs'."
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