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The Warminster Triangle

The Warminster Triangle

by Ken Rogers

Warminster: Coates and Parker, 1994

From the blurb:

Crop circle mania has subsided. now is the time to reappraise associated paranormal phenomena that has occurred in the Wessex area, popularly known as the Warminster Triangle.
Strange sounds, celestial lights, crop circles, electromagnetic effects, ghosts, black dogs, folklore, energy lines, ancient sites, UFO landings, humanoids, invisible walkers, geophysical strata: the overlap between these events in the past and present day art form in crop fields.
Researcher and journalist Ken Rogers has been monitoring and collecting data on these subjects in the Wessex area for over 30 years. He was the first person to suggest a link between UFOs and corn circles in 1980.
Read his down to earth account of these outstanding events and make of it what you will.

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In Alien Heat

Conclusions From Controlled UFO Hoaxes
ICR Monograph Series No. 46

David Simpson

London: ICR, 2005

A monograph derived from a presentation given by Simpson at a seminar (Patterns of Belief in a Scientific Age) given by the Institute of Cultural Research.

The monograph describes the various hoaxes performed by the Society for the Investigation of UFO Phenomena (SIUFOP) around the Warminster area, and the conclusions that can be drawn from them.

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In Alien Heat

In Alien Heat: The Warminster Mystery Revisited

by Steve Dewey and John Ries

San Antonio and New York: Anomalist Books, 2005

From the blurb:

The UFO fever that gripped the British town of Warminster for about a decade is now largely forgotten. It was one of the world's largest UFO flaps ever to occur.
The authors were themselves among the many skywatchers around Warminster and spent many nights on Cradle Hill, the centre of the phenomenon, watching and waiting for UFOs, but also watching and listening to the witnesses and UFOlogists.
This book introduces the Warminster phenomenon to a new generation of readers. It contains a short history of the phenomenon, places it in its social and historical context, and examines the possible mechanisms that initiated and sustained this remarkable UFO flap.

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UFO Warminster

UFO Warminster: Cradle of Contact

Kevin Goodman

Southampton: Swallowtail Publishing, 2007

From the blurb:

The author and a group of friends began to visit Warminster during the mid 1970s. They went to the area to research the UFO sightings there.
Soon, they were to be the focus of the very phenomena they were researching.
This is their story.

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