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UFO INFO had its base in Trowbridge. It was set-up by Barry C Gooding, Arthur Shuttlewood, and John and Maureen Rowston. Shuttlewood had been on the editorial board of The Fountain Journal, but had left after the third issue of that magazine. The Rowstons had been part of the Fountain Centre massive, but had started to feel that the operation of the Centre was contrary to the spirit of UFO research, and had decided to become involved in setting up UFO INFO. Like the Rowstons, Shuttlewood too had become disillusioned with the principles of the Fountain Centre. The aims of UFO-INFO appealed to him greatly. He offered to become their chief spokesman and championed their cause.

UFO INFO was dedicated to the free exchange of ufological information, rather than a research team. They swapped magazines with other UFO groups, and produced their own low-cost, low-budget magazine. UFO INFO was intended to be a non-profit group, staffed by keen volunteers, and run by its members in their spare time. The money they received from their subscription-based quarterly magazine, also called UFO INFO was used only to cover such costs as the postage and packing of the magazine and cassette tapes to be used for witness reports. Any money left over was ploughed back into the organisation. The magazine was always full of up-to-the minute sightings, from around Wiltshire and worldwide.

UFO INFO was set up around the same time as the Fountain Centre was floundering, and Kevin remembers some antipathy between the groups as they vied to become the 'official' voice of the town's UFO community (for details, see Kevin's UFO Warminster: Cradle of Contact). Kevin describes one visit where he and his friends visited Warminster and found themselves walking "straight into what can only be described as political shenanigans between the town's two main UFO research groups."

Unlike the Pagets, who Kevin remember skywatching only rarely, it seemed at least that the members of UFO INFO were prepared to skywatch with the hoi polloi, and arranged several skywatches on local hills, and on the slopes around Upton Scudamore, which at the time had become the focus of ufological activity.

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